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Winter 2014 fashion week report Paris fashion:Supermarket chic I had a taxi driver once who said to me, in a thick brooklyn accent, do you have to do to get a break in this city?It felt like a clich line out of a film, but it stayed with me, and every time i come to new york fashion week, i think about designers trying to catch a break in a city where the boundaries of success and failure are so clearly defined.New york fashion week is where commerce often rules over creativity.With fast paced investment, e commerce, stores and diffusion lines, designers rise through the ranks quickly here, often nurtured andadvised by anna wintour, the infamous editor in chief of us vogue. Everything at nyfw is mega amplified too.Go up to the lincoln center, the main hub of fashion week, where you see brand sponsors galore, all wanting to align themselves with the allure of fashion.Taxi cabs play fashion week specific campaigns.The big brands come with pre dictated hash tags for the twitter/instagram folk to real time report on the shows. Nyfw is undoubtedly all about the noise.But look a little further and you find something interesting brewing beneath the surface of the sponsors, tweets and starry front rows.The most interesting shows of the week are not held at the lincoln center they further downtown.One show even took us all the way out to brooklyn(Haughty fashion editors were fuming).The conversation of nyfw is ever sprawling, in both online commentary and physical geography.People have been bundled up in giant coats, snow boots, big scarves and chunky knits.New york designers have dovetailed with the weather by presentingcollections that we want to wrap up in immediately.That the topsy turvy nature of seasons.These clothes will deliver in stores in august, just when we need a double faced cashmere coat, right? The mood was cosy and comforting at michael kors(Getty images) Speaking of which, altuzarra created those in abundance, and also paid homage to craft with sheila hicks inspired tapestry dresses.Michelle obama fave jason wu showed coats over slinky slip dresses and cheap louis vuitton bags for sale gave eveningwear a tactile and sensual spin.These are clothes to shrug on with minimal effort.Donna karan also had a similar vibe at her 30th anniversary show, underlining why she reigns as a woman best friend in dressing.At edun, bono and ali hewson ethical label, the wide legged, comfy trouser ruled supreme, while at the row oversized skirts ending above the ankle spoke to our inner slobs. Michael kors imagined fires on the beach in big sur with his cosy textures.Boyish and comfort seeking undertones could be detected everywhere at victoria beckham, including pleated dresses over trousers, which were paired with flat shoes.In fact, flats were the shoe of choice at most of the shows.That a good thing when his shows make commentary on gender, race and sexuality and deliver street wear inflected lace up bombers, logo graphic t shirts and zippered jeans to a crowd hungry for an alternative way to express louis vuitton bags sale uk themselves.A frenetic and frenzied finale of voguing dancers made you think about more than just how cool the jeans looked.That felt powerful. Ecclesiastical theme at thom browne(Getty images) lv bags uk Thom browne always has something to say.His shows are artistic expressions that push technical perfection just for the sake of it.This season, he sat us in church pews and sent his women to confession in sculptural feats:Layer upon layer of gold and grey flannel.Religion and in particular the catholic church has always been a rich source of inspiration for fashion.It might have been the set that got louis vuitton uk sale people talking, such as opening ceremony willy wonka style chocolate waterfall backdrop(Some people licked it). Or it was the show theatrics.Alexander wang made us schlep all the way out to brooklyn but what we took away wasn so much the location but the finale of fem bots wrapped up in heat reactive sculpted jackets, skirts and military boots, rotating around on an industrial set.A soundtrack can also get us going as it did at proenza schouler.Michel gaubert remixed missy elliott work it to fit the glitchy, techy textures of the collection.No tricksy theme just speed and energy. Motifs and prints are also insta bait.Leftfield la sisters laura and kate mulleavy of rodarte cemented their friendship with george lucas by showing a finale series of star wars themed photo print dresses seeing yoda, luke skywalker and r2d2 cheered up our inner geeks.Every time a warhol and lichtenstein inspired fruit print came out at young designer ostwald helgason, our phones were raised in unison.The models got retro workwear jackets embroidered with their names, making us in turn want the same. Star wars dresses at rodarte(Gett images) Sometimes though, it the whole entity that makes for moments that last beyond a social media feed.Marc by marc jacobs welcomed luella bartley and katie hillier as itsnew creative directors, and the brit girl intuition for girl gangs and style tribes showed in spades.Why not mix ninja with skate with motocross, and tie it all up with giant bows?It was offbeat and yet made complete sense.Mbmj has officially been rebooted. At the time of writing, marc jacobs has not yet shown his mainline collection, with a snow storm threatening to delay the show.The best may be yet to come, as jacobs now no longer has to oversee at louis vuitton, and can concentrate fully on his own brand in order to reclaim his king of ny crown.

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Weary new yorkers california dreamin'

Michael kors was california dreamin' on wednesday, displaying a fall collection inspired by the left coast, and it was hard not to think that the mamas and the papas, featured on the soundtrack, were absolutely right when they sang: "I'd be safe and warm if i was in la. "

But alas, all the guests at the show were bundled up for winter and gearing for a predicted storm on thursday, which threatened to wreak havoc on the final day of fashion week.At least they had some a list celebrities to look at:Michael douglas, blake lively, rose byrne and freida pinto all came to pay their respects to one of the most successful designers in the business.

And they had the clothes to look at:Big, soft sweaters of every kind, and lots of wool, cashmere, alpaca, shearling, mohair, flannel and fur.

Kors' inspiration for the collection was actually big sur, not los angeles, and the clothes were definitely more northern california than southern, especially the fringed skirts, which had a hippie vibe.There were also long '70s inspired michael kors sale australia dresses with a laid back feel.

Kors, who's been in the headlines recently for being one of fashion's newest billionaires, said in a pre show interview that he was designing clothes for active, every day wear rather than special occasions.

"You know nothing bothers me more than someone buying something magnificent and someone wearing it once,"He said. He'd much rather have someone buy a coat,He said, "That you really actually want to live in and not just save for a special michael kors handbags outlet occasion. "

He described his cheap michael kors bags collection as"A hybrid a little bit of the kind of easiness that you find in northern california in places like big sur where you just kind of.Unplug, mixed with something that's very polished and urbane and very big city. "

Kors is popular on the red carpet, but he said he never knows exactly who he's dressing.But he said he'd love to dress cate blanchett, favoured this year for best actress for"Blue jasmine. "

"Through the whole season she's just consistently chic and elegant and right for her,"He said. "If you know yourself well you'll always look amazing. "

He also had high praise for sandra bullock, nominated for"Gravity. "

"Sandra bullock, my god, bravo, hello!You know i think between sandra and mrs.Obama they've convinced every woman that life in fashion is definitely not over once you pass 45. "

Actress lively wore kors, of course, to watch the show. "There were so many to choose from,"She said. "I literally said, 'michael, would it be ok if i walked in in one outfit, then wore a different outfit for the show and then left' because there were too many favourites that i had but i realized i wasn't hosting the oscars so i really couldn't do that. "

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Katie couric wants to interview amanda knox

Katie couric revealed some of the guests at the top of her wish list when her new daytime show airs in september.

Couric was speaking to reporters in toronto about"Katie"On michael kors bags cheap uk tuesday, according to the hollywood reporter.She said that she would love to interview amanda knox, the american college student who was acquitted of murder charges after four years in prison.

"That would be a huge get, but that's very competitive,"Couric said about knox.She also said that kate middleton"Would be pretty nice to have on our show. "She has already extended an open invitation to sarah palin.

On tuesday, she added that she won't be clamoring to get snooki on the show. "I like her and she's cute and everything, and i think it's funny that people find her interesting,"Couric explained. "That's great.But that's probably not going to be first and foremost on our show. "

She said that she would be open to discussing"Jersey shore,"Along with other"Huge"Developments michael kors bag outlet uk in pop culture and"Things people are interested in. "

Katie couric delivered michael kors online uk the 2012 commencement address at her alma mater, the university of virginia.

"Believe it or, i've spoken at 10 graduations, but with all due respect to such fine institutions as williams college, case western reserve, boston university michael kors uk and princeton, my safety school, this is far and away the most meaningful commencement address i've ever delivered,"She said.But year after year, that call never came.But finally, this year, the call came from teresa sullivan [uva's president].I guess it took the first woman to lead the university in 193 years to get the job done.Girl power sister! "

Katie couric delivered the 2012 commencement address at her alma mater, the university of virginia.

"Believe it or, i've spoken at 10 graduations, but with all due respect to such fine institutions as williams college, case western reserve, boston university and princeton, my safety school, this is far and away the most meaningful commencement address i've ever delivered,"She said.But year after year, that call never came.But finally, this year, the call came from teresa sullivan [uva's president].I guess it took the first woman to lead the university in 193 years to get the job done.Girl power sister! "

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What are the shirts called with the small alligator on polo ralph lauren outlet online italia them

Is there a designer brand for men named"Lacross"With an alligator insigna?I know polo ralph lauren italia online izod has an alligator on its shirts but has any ever heard of a brand called lacross, its.

I need statistics on the distribution of t shirts sizes of high school students(So teens)In the united states.Means, variances, but most crucially proportions. (So the percentage of high schoolers who.

I have an 18 month old who wears 24 month old shirts, they seem to be getting small.Yet the 24 month pants are huge on him?Has anyone else experienced this?I am constantly.Rene lacoste was a professional tennis player back in the 1920 and while playing he decided that the shirts of the era were too tight and stuffy.With this rene ralph lauren italia shop online decided to go and design his own polo shirt and he did just that.His new design of shirt solved many of the problems and shortcomings that the previous shirts of the time had for tennis players.His pique collar could be left turned down but also to protect against sunshine it could be turned up to give the neck protection, this as well as shorter sleeves that would not roll down benefited tennis players greatly.

In 1927 he started placing the crocodile on his shirts and this has continued since then, the lacoste brand is known the world over for its wide range of sports wear.

I want to sell t shirts outside of sports stadiums in wa or

The shirts are sports related unlicensed non sportsteam logo designed t shirts.I see people selling everything from t shirts to peanuts outside of the stadiums.Do i need permits or licenses to do this?If so,.But slogan, or other types of tee shirts.What do you do with them when they wear out?For me, they become what i like to call sleeping shirts.I hardly ever throw these things away,.Dry skin resembles plaques or scales, no itchingAssociated.No amount of moisterizing cream or oil will clear up for any length of time.As.The cotton shirts i have absorb sweat quite well, but they are a bit heavy and take quite a bit ralph lauren online to dry.What alternative fabrics(Synthetic or natural)For normal shirts.

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World's most powerful luxury brands Even in the depths of a dark recession, luxury isn't such a bad place to be. While not entirely immune, the industry's biggest names, including louis vuitton, hermes and chanel continue to succeed. This is according to the annual millward brown brandz ranking of the top 100 most powerful brands, a list that covers 50, 000 brands worldwide, released april 29. In the luxury category, louis vuitton came out on top, with a brand value of $19.4 billion, followed by Hermes at $7.86 billion, Gucci at $7.47 billion, Chanel at $5.53 billion. Behind the numbers To rank the brands, market research company millward brown used the brandz database of its parent company, wpp, which owns several marketing, advertising and public relations firms, among others.Some brands on the list are clients of wpp's companies, but the database is the world's largest repository of brand equity data, according to wpp, and includes interviews with more than 1 million consumers globally. Consumers were asked about their loyalty to each brand and also about their attitudes toward the future of the brand(For example, whether or not its stock will increase in value or its sales will increase).The brandz ranking also considers the dollar values of the company.In 2009, google topped the complete list with a brand value of $100 billion. While the top three brands held their 2008 positions, high fashion chanel crept up one spot, while fine jeweler dropped from fourth place to seventh with a 2009 value of $4.91 billion. Cartier's somewhat dramatic fall has a lot to do with the fact that, while luxury handbags and shoes still seem to be selling, ultra expensive investment items such as $1 million, diamond encrusted cartier watches aren't faring so well. "Brands that offer luxury treats glasses, belts, handbags, etc.Are less vulnerable,"Says nikhil gharekhan, senior vice president at louis vuitton outlet online shop uk millward brown. Although the dollar value of most of these brands has decreased louis vuitton's, for instance, dropped by $6.34 billion from $25.74 billion in 2008 their standing on the overall list remains solid because luxury brands have weathered the financial storm better than their mid market counterparts. It has a lot to do with branding positioning.In other words, right now, consumers want to shop, but not as much even if they can afford to do so.That means that they're buying one luxury handbag for $1, 500 rather than five less expensive handbags at $300 each. Leather retailer coach, for example, is suffering louis vuitton bags as a result.The mid market retailer, positioned between liz claiborneand kate spade on the price spectrum, did not wield the brand power to make the list.In its most recent quarter, the company's year over year sales decreased by 6.7% to $740 million. "[The executives behind] Louis Vuitton and Hermes absolutely control every single component of their business model, from retail distribution to discounting,"He says. Indeed, even when saks fifth avenuewent on a markdown rampage last fall, offering 70per cent reductions on several high end brands, including shoemaker manolo blahnik and prada, items at the louis vuitton shop within the luxury department store remained at full price.The only place shoppers can find discounted herm s is in outlet stores, which carry stock from seasons past.Current season goods are not marked down no exceptions. The louis vuitton womens bags policy is reflected in both companies' sales results.At luxury conglomerate mo t hennessy louis vuitton, year over year sales in the fashion and leather goods sector of which louis vuitton is a part increased by 11per cent to 1.6 billion euros($2.1 billion)In the first quarter of 2009. Lvmh said that both louis vuitton's new damier graphite and stephen sprouse collections sold particularly well.And while reports of lvmh selling off its wine and spirits brands to british drink maker diageofor 12 billion euros($15.5 billion)May have been vehemently denied, even the whispers prove the company is willing to shed extra weight. Not so precious While luxury fashion and accessory brands seem to be irrepressible right now, jewelry has taken a major hit.Cartier is still the most valued jewelry brand in the world, though its luster dulled a bit in 2009.Not only did its status slip in this particular ranking, but the brand's parent company, richemont, said year over year jewelry sales decreased by 12per cent to 800 million euros($1.1 billion)In the fourth quarter of 2008. Other high end jewelers have suffered worse, though:Fortunoff, doris panos designs and fred leighton louis vuitton bags have all filed for bankruptcy protection in recent months. One brand that fell out of the top 10 in 2009 is giorgio armani, which ranked eighth last year, with a value of $5.12 billion.Today, that value has dropped by $2.02 billion to $3.1 billion.While armani the man is still a billionaire with a net worth valued at $2.8 billion, Pedrazza says the company's multiple brand extensions, including Armani Casa, Armani Hotels and AX Armani Exchange, have stretched it a bit too thin.

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